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Say Media (formerly VideoEgg) is a technology and advertising firm. The company provides a publishing platform (Tempest) to professional publishers and sells advertising across that platform and extended network of sites. Say Media has offices in San Francisco, Portland, NY, London, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and Detroit and is privately held.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- low pay (this is an issue throughout most departments) - different departments are given varying levels of freedom (wfh policies are inconsistent, ability to take advantage of the unlimited PTO, etc.) - employee value to upper management varies widely between departments - if someone leaves, they most likely won’t be replaced, everyone else mostly just has to pick up the slack (compounds over time) - the entire merger was handled horribly on all sides and left most Say employees feeling like we were disposable to new management - consistent uncertainty of how the company is doing even when management is telling you that everything is going to be fine"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Highly disorganized, chaotic, cross-office collaboration is non-existent. Junior designers are expected (without a pay raise) to step up and take over Senior management work when upper-level management gets laid off. Whatever your salary offer is at Say Media, double it and that is what you should be getting paid. What used to be an innovative place to work 5 years ago has now become a production factory. Lacking in training opportunities. Expect to manage not only your own workload but your own career growth Management is stretched thin and lacks the time/resources High turnover, continuously reinvents itself which puts a huge strain on the folks in lower level positions. Say Media boasts transparency, flexibility, and a forward-thinking culture but in reality, this is a toxic environment that is just smoke and mirrors. It's hard to trust anything upper-level management says anymore. CEO has been trying to sell the company for a number of years without luck. Lot's of layoffs at the end of the year, every year, to try to prepare for potential sell. Don't work here if you are looking for stability and innovation."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is not transparent at all, they cut people left and right without reason. Moral is low and HR is terrible. Definitely steer clear."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It's taken a lot of restraint to not write a review here but I must share the truth. It was a really great place to be when I joined and I was truly happy as the people were one of a kind, nice, and generally pretty smart. I snapped out of my honeymoon phase after half a year when I started to find out that middle management was pretty much sucking money out of the company and a waste of resources. They are mostly selfish and don't care about employees progress or handle HR cases in a professional manner. Since I was lower on the totem pole, I wasn't taken seriously and talked down to by engineers. I saw full employee turnover rate and said goodbye to great coworkers and friends as they were fired or laid off while their managers weren't doing anything. Meanwhile the people that were left had to deal with the workload of the people that just left. They started hiring really talentless and lazy people because it was cheaper to cover up potholes instead of hiring great and brilliant people that could fix problems that weren't just surface level. When I started we owned the entire building and by the time I left, they laid off most of the company, SILENTLY, while the rest of the employees that were left had no idea that happened, and then eventually moved everyone into the first floor and basement as they couldn't afford rent for the rest of the building. As for all the "wonderful" perks, it happens rarely and the free Costco kindergarten snacks SUCK. I would have rather there be no snacks so the company could save money and some people would still have their jobs. All in all, HR is a joke, this is a fake company with no real or clear mission statement as it changes a few times a year. JUST DON'T BOTHER. PLEASE. This place put me and a few others into a depression. HR won't help you advance your career and does not care if your manager, like mine, was extremely verbally abusive ranging from sexist to racist comments on the daily."

Senior Editor says

"Company does not know what it's doing, puts on a happy face with a lot of B.S. forced fun events and free food but has no concern for employees. Has flip-flopped repeatedly over the years, no one is safe."


"Vague & indirect management - managers communicate with assumptions, generalities & lack of direction. Does not: 1. Give constructive feedback in private. 2. Follow up on employee ideas. 3. Give frequent praise. 4. Support employee development. 5. Allow flexibility and realistic freedoms. 6. Communicate directly and specifically. 7. Demonstrate that you care. 8. Allow employees to share and shine. 9. Respect individual differences. 10. Admit it when you’re wrong."

Current Employee - Partner says

"Upper management is disconnected with the company and nobody seems to care that there is a sizable talent bleed and workers keep quitting. People are promoted for being buddies with the right people even though they are not right for the job. The management team is male heavy and many of them treat women in the company as if they are dumb. Upper management is mostly focused on blame games because the company has a reputation of laying off or firing their VPs and employees at the drop of a hat."


"Leadership doesn't seem to care about their employees, I've seen entire teams laid off with less than a week's notice"

Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"The managers are completely unprofessional and play favorites. They have a "training" program each week that is more like a pop quiz session of who they can humiliate each week. They fire someone new almost every week. NO JOB SECURITY! For the record, I left before that could happen."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Don't accept a job if you are a woman. They appraise them at different value than men, you will also be the first fired."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Company has big Company ideas, but can't get passed start up mentality. Benefits are below average and there is no opportunity to grow. Employees are treated like garbage by breakfast or lunch once every week.long work hours, lacking growth opportunities, bad work environment with basement with no windows, benefits are below average"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Say is a company that has pivoted throughout its history. A lot of the company's initiatives almost seem like projects for the higher-ups and development teams. The company's advertising end is in shambles, and the management allotted to save the company are inept at saving it.Open work environmentJust about everything else"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Unaccountability and acute politics make for a negatively challenging work environment. Overall, the company has a great vision -- even in light of its continual pivoting. That said, the company has little resource-side to actually build upon this vision. Moreover, the feel of job security for employees is almost nil.Start-up-like environment with a start-up feel and flexibilityUnaccountable management, almost total lack of security"

Senior Interactive Designer & Developer (Former Employee) says

"Poorly managed, constantly changing the direction of the business model. non-transparent. if you'r eat the beginning of your career this would be a great place to work. the environment is young, fun and very junior and very inexperienced.ballpark congestion, soon to be basketball traffic congestion, flip-flopping business model"

Advertising Customer Service Intern (Former Employee) says

"I actually had a really good time at Saymedia. I truly enjoyed the meetings, they were fun and offered a lot of great advice to the interns. The only problem I had was some of the staff thought that they were better than other, but other than that its a great place to lunchpay"

Interim Creative Director (Former Employee) says

"pretty rad company, not much room to move forward in your career here. really too bad that they shut down. If they came back around, I would definitely reach out to see about career opportunities."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Cold Calling, Prospecting, Pitching and Closing new business."

Media Development Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is a job for someone who is good with change as changes can happen quite often depending on the group. There are also many of the challenges associated with working in an up-and-coming company including tools that are still being developed and shifting priorities.Many people are happy to work here and retention is good. There are many company sponsored events. Many complain that there is not a clear path to be promoted and for some that is true. Many talented people leave to pursue careers elsewhere for that reason.All in all, this could be a great place to work depending on the person. I enjoyed a lot of time at SAY. If I had to say something negative, there are a few personalities that I had trouble dealing with which made my day-to-day difficult at times."